Enterprise Structuring

Implementing little-known yet proven practices 

Business Formation and Planning is our comprehensive approach to founding the success of our business client.  This approach encompasses everything from filing Articles of Organization or Incorporation and applying for Employer Identification Number(s) to counseling on time-proven methods of start-up financing, leveraging debt, minimizing exposure, avoiding excessive taxation, maintaining protective policies and procedures, and planning for ownership succession.

We are especially keen on applying certain methods of structuring that have been used for generations by the wealthy but that have escaped understanding and application by today's typical small business owners. We advocate use of methods favored by the likes of former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, who famously opined that "the secret to success is to own nothing but control everything."  We discuss in detail the concept and uses of what Counselor Jones has coined as "The Co-Operative Enterprise," referring to the protective coalescence of complementary business structures.  Being mindful of the plethora of reasons to sequester assets from liabilities, we work closely with clients to determine the optimal layout of a multiple-entity enterprise and we demonstrate how its utility can be expanded to facilitate shrinking payroll (and the taxes that go along with it), to shift individual income from higher to lower tax brackets, to protect the privacy and exposure of client-owners, to leverage exempt properties (while avoiding the pitfalls of fraudulent transfers and conversions), and to devise encumbrances and perfect liens so as to preclude "attractive defendant" concerns and assure continuity of the enterprise.  In preparation of catastrophic losses and worst case scenarios, we also discuss how to plan for writs of attachment and discourage applications for charging orders.  For those in a position to support such an undertaking, we even explore the benefits of establishing a corporate foundation.

We render services from which every new business and most existing businesses can benefit.  In fact, it is our position that such services can be vitally important ... especially to owners of professional practices, owner of real property, intellectual property or high-value equipment used in business, and providers of mobile services.  To better understand how our services might benefit you in particular, just ask us .