Business Reports

The cornerstone of smart business

To grow big, business must first think big and there is no better way to start than by leveraging reliable and comprehensive information in making critical decisions and forming productive relationships.   Business intelligence just might be the single most beneficial resource available to small business in equal measure as to big business, yet is almost never even sought, let alone leveraged, by small business.  Whether you are determining directors, employees, vendors, suppliers, investors, partners, competitors or location suitability, comprehensive business intelligence can make the difference between moving your business forward and merely running up debt while going nowhere. For example, one of the most common causes of failure of new businesses is neglect to discover the untold background of officers chosen to represent the business, then losing out on opportunities with potential investors, vendors and joint venturers because of it!  Another common oversight is the discovery of the misrepresented financial position or other background of contract parties, then losing out on the expected benefits of the bargain.

As experienced business counselors committed to the prosperity of small business, we encourage our clients to become familiar with the types of information available to them and how to utilize it to best secure the goals of their businesses.  In close association with the Scītōte Intelligence Corporation, we perform research of businesses and individuals worldwide and provide a broad range of reports upon which clients can confidently act.